Grupo de investigación HUM-738 (PAIDI. Junta de Andalucía)

Territorial heritage and development

Línea temática
Patrimonio territorial y paisaje
Tipo publicación
Feria, Jose Mª

This book presents a new approach to heritage, linking it to territory and sustainable development. This new approach entails a broader, integrated view of heritage values on the one hand, and on the other a shift in emphasis from their protection to their valorisation. In short, it provides a view of the joint workings of natural and cultural resources, and, as a consequence, moving away from a protection point of view in favour of a perspective on their suitable sustainable valorisation. In the viewpoint taken here, sustainability is understood as the balance and long-term preservation and enhancement of such natural and cultural resources and processes in a given territory.

Territorial Heritage and Development includes contributions from different disciplines (geography, architecture, planning, sociology, environmental studies and archaeology) and case studies drawn from three continents, broaching both analytical and conceptual developments, and a range of initiatives for engaging in territorial heritage as an instrument of sustainable development. The book takes a pioneering and relevant approach to the breadth and complexity of the issue which can be valuable to academics and policy-makers in Geography, Architecture, Planning and 

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